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Our interactive web based animations on anatomy is aimed to make you understand
how your body functions? Below are anatomies of Genito-Urinary system, Gastro
Intestinal Tract, Hip and Knee anatomy. Click on the launch movie button below each
description to launch the presentation. It may take about 30 secs to load with a slow
connection. Apart from the Quick, easy access to information and being a fun factor,

:: Genito-Urinary system anatomy

The urinary organs form the excretory system of liquid waste. The urinary organs as
excretory system serve the purpose of waste disposal for the body. The excretory
system excretes toxins, excess water, and other solutes. In addition the excretory
system regulates blood pressure, metabolism, and blood composition and volume.

The urinary organs comprise the kidneys, which secrete the urine, the ureters, or
ducts, which convey urine to the urinary bladder, where it is for a time retained;
and the urethra, through which it is discharged from the urinary bladder.

Find out more about the human Genito-Urinary System in this web-based movie


:: Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT) anatomy

The gastro-intestinal system is essentially a long tube running right through the body,
with specialised sections that are capable of digesting material put in from the mouth
and extracting any useful components from it, then expelling the waste products at
the anus.

Find out more about your Gastro-Intestinal Tract in this web-based movie.

:: Knee anatomy

The knee joint, which appears like a simple hinge-joint, is one of the most complex
joint. Moreover, the knee is more likely to be injured than is any other joint in the body.

Find out more about the knee joint in this web-based movie.

:: Hip anatomy

The hip is one of the largest weight-bearing joints in the body. When it's working properly,
it lets you walk, sit, bend, and turn without pain. Unlike the shoulder, the hip sacrifices degree
of movement for additional stability. To keep it moving smoothly, a complex network of bones,
cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons must all work in harmony.

Find out more about your hip joint in this web-based movie.

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