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This section of the website is under construction, and will be featured soon.
Find out more about this feature below. If you are interested to contribute or
want to know more, kindly send us an email to info@yourpracticeonline.com.au

This feature in this website is a basic question and answer service where our team of
physicians will give specific advise about your question.

This is helpful to someone

  • Who wants a second opinion,
  • Some who has been advised surgery or a procedure and wants to
    know more about it.
  • Prefer not to consult a doctor, do not have a family doctor, or have
    specific time constraints.
  • Wants to find out about the latest research news about their medical condition
  • Any side effects from the medicines that they are taking

Although, this service are far beyond the general information, please do not treat this as


  • Your primary diagnoses
  • Do not use it to treat medical emergency
  • Our physicians are based in Australia, and the specific knowledge
  • of treatments, procedures, surgeries and research may not be
    the same all over the world.

To ask a question, simply send an email to askthedoctor@healthtoolsonline.com
or simply fill in the form below. We will have your question answered in less than 48 hours.


  For a personal, private answer via email within 2 business days,
  please fill out the form below. Although you have registered,
  to use this feature, Items marked (*) are compulsory.

  If the submit question, is not working, please email your question to

Post/Zip code:




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